About Lizane

Lizane Pamer has been telling stories to anyone who would listen since she was very young. In desperation, people gave her pens and paper so that she would write them down instead. When she ran out of ink, she learned how to touch-type (the two-finger method was too slow), and borrowed her brother’s computer until she got one of her own.

Her first publication came after winning first place in a local writing contest open to both French and English short stories. In a competition with hundreds of submissions where only a handful were in French, Lizane was awarded first place for a French-language fantasy piece and publication in what had been, up until that point, a newspaper published solely in English.

A second publication resulted from a third-place finish in another local contest for a science fiction short story.

At one time or another, she was editor of the high school newspaper, a freelance comic book script editor, and a graphic novels art editor. Lizane holds a Masters of Science degree and spends her days in the laboratory disintegrating material for fun. Oh, and for chemical identification, too.

Lizane Pamer lives in a meteorite crater in Northern Ontario with her husband and two dogs.

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